Selfhost and NixOS

Here we are looking into self-hosting some popular (and less popular) services. However, no docker (or equivalent) here! We will directly setup things declaratively with the help of nix and NixOS.

Beware: this is not a complete tutorial on NixOS. It is supposed here that, at least:

  • You have your server/computer on NixOS. If not, you can check the official installation guide.
  • You are able to change your NixOS configuration and you understand (at least a little) what you are doing. You can find tutorials online to improve your skills but I think that the most efficient way is to actually try to modify your own configuration by looking at either: the documentation, other configurations and/or the NixOS wiki.

Do not worry, every piece of code here will be explained. You just have to remember that the basics will not be reminded.

If you want a pretty good example of a NixOS configuration, you can check this one which is almost entirely documented.